Herzlich WillkommenBienvenue (version française) – Welcome (english version)

You want to do something for yourself or learn kinesiology?
You would like to have a child, are pregnant or already have children? Maybe you work with children?

Then discover Ma-Gie! I accompany you with a range of kinesiological techniques to clarify your questions and to work out solutions for your challenges. What this can mean for you, I will gladly explain in a free vision talk.

In courses on the fertility process, pregnancy, early childhood development and self-development, I will be happy to share my working methods with you so that you can accompany families in their development in a kinesiologically competent way.

Ma-Gie is when,
you are impressed by the wisdom, power and love that lie within you,
you are so happy you don’t recognise yourself,
you see your path crystal clear,
You discover your inner strength,
You let yourself be guided by your inner voice,
You find peace in your heart.

That sounds like Ma-Gie? I would be happy to show you that she is in you and I look forward to a journey of discovery together with you!

Yours, Marina Gieshoidt

Please note that kinesiology is used in an accompanying way. It does not constitute medicine and is not a sufficient substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. The accompanying kinesiology is to be understood as health and life counselling and does not serve the treatment and healing of diseases.